Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bollywood Dreams Come True.....

Do you guys, that followed along our trip last year, remember this post by Kris that told of our crazy adventures in a Bollywood film?? Well our dream is reality, you can rent Dum Maro Dum at your local blockbuster kiosk!! Here are the shot's from the film when you can actually see us so no need to go rent the movie. So exciting.....

You can see Kris in the bottom right corner, the front person.

Me-shaved head, awesome Bollywood dress and my chacos, running from the crazy police man. That's our friend Eric that we traveled with behind me. Poor Michael didn't make the cut, their harsh in Bollywood.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Decor

The Christmas decor has been up for the past few days and I am loving it. Pretty much all I want to do in life is sit in my comfy green chair, knit, drink apple cider,  and stare at my Christmas tree. Glorious. Can you guess my favorite part about the first photo below? You have to really look at the photo. Thanks to my parents for this beautiful nativity, we adore it!! Thanks to my aunt for folding us so many incredible ornaments! Thanks to the hubs for breaking down and getting a real Christmas tree, even though it may have not been the best allocation of our resources :) Who doesn't adore the smell of Christmas tree? Alright friends, happy Christmas season!

Monday, November 28, 2011


This year, as we were not able to make it home, we decided to host thanksgiving at our house. As Kris and I were discussing whether or not we wanted to host, I said no way because I had absolutely no idea how to make a turkey. Kris agreed to make the turkey, and the pie, so I agreed to make mashed potatoes and make the house cute, we're a good team. Kris cooking his first turkey was a big deal, as you can see in the photos below. Let me tell you, no offense to all the previous cooks in my life, but this was by far the best turkey I've ever had. Kris brined it for 2 days and then stuffed it full of veggies, a-mazing! All in all it was a wonderful day full of delicious food and good friends. In other wonderful news, I'm done with school for the quarter so hopefully you will be hearing a lot more from me. I will post photos of all our Christmas decor soon... I love it!!!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Farming and Blanching

Well my friends, I officially know what it means to blanch something. If you don't know then you should educate yourself. A few weeks ago our friends, and neighbors, Dan and Kelly invited us out to a farm where you pay $12 a person and get to pick and take as much produce as you can possibly carry. As you can see Kris and I made out like bandits, 12 bags in all. We have been filling our bellies with potatoes galore, fresh pumpkin everything and delicious sweet corn. We haven't even touched the stuff in our freezer yet but we are ready for winter!! I miss you all out there, just up to my eyeballs in school these days. Someday I will emerge from this hibernation at the law building. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage Clothes

This morning I woke up, was working away at my homework currently reading this book for school, and then I got distracted. I got distracted by these two websites: Sweetheart of the Rodeo & The Fiercest Lilliputian (WARNING: reading these blogs will make you want to wear cute vintage clothes). I then decided that I wanted to wear cute vintage clothes for my day and I had a good 15 minutes to get ready, so I got ready and snapped a few shots. The thing I love most about this dress is the red rose flower in the top collar. Mrs. Mitchell, a dear soul from back home once told me that this rose is a sticker that people would put would put on their clothes when they were visiting a baptist church for the first time, so others would know they were visitors. I love that this woman left the rose on her dress for me to enjoy!!  So, if you don't have immense amounts of time and energy (thrifting takes both) to find beautiful treasures, I recommend checking out Rebecca's store. Rebecca is my new friend in Denver, though we haven't met yet I already know that she's a dear soul and her shop is full of so many wonderful vintage treasures. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Fall day my friends. Wearing beautiful, old clothes, full of wonderful stories makes even the most difficult topics, like the book I'm reading, feel a little lighter. 

Friday, September 9, 2011


Friends, if you haven't noticed I've been blogging a lot lately, that's because I have had a nice big ole' break from school. This week I decided I wanted to make some aprons so here are some photos of the final product. Aprons make me so happy!! Cooking in them, cleaning in them, reading books in them just makes life better. If you are looking to buy a cute apron check out my friend Emily's apron shop. They are super cute and super affordable. Love you friends, have a dear weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This morning when I woke up my soul was drawn to the color yellow. So, I decided to take photos of yellow things in my house. I often feel drawn to color in strange, soul-connecting ways. So, I thought the photos may help me draw some insight as to why I love yellow so much today. I'll let you know if I come up with anything profound. What color does your soul love today?